Straight Clockface

Intricate Design with Blue Stones

Chess Pieces

Fairy Tales

Lady Bug

Sea Horse

‚ÄčEmbossed Kitten with Crimped Edge

Butterfly with Scalloped Edge

Gold Embossed Design

Sincerity Card

Fan Maiden

Tilted Clockface 1

Girl with Bonnet

Embossed White Rose A

Wooden Angel

‚ÄčTilted Clockface 2

Embossed White Rose B

Wolf with Crimped Edging

Embossed Black Seahorse 1

Two Angels

Dimensional Pegasus

Mermaid B

Blue Mermaids

Pink Rose

Raised Clockface with Glitter Border

Embossed Black Seahorse 2

Inquiring Face

Antique Doily


Mermaid A

Dimensional Inner Beauty

(Gold Embossed) Just a Note

Princess and Frog

Half Face in Green

Embossed  Black Kitten on Design

Romantic Couple

Intricate Design with Pink Stones

Fairy Tales

Key to Understanding

Silver Embossed Design

‚ÄčEmbossed Gold Rose

Butterfly on Red

Flower Basket

Butterly on Rice Paper

Butterly on Textured Paper

Dimensional Half Faces

Copper Embossed Design

Bisque Couple

Butterfly on Red